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The E-Commerce sites to keep your eyes on

I recently read an interesting article on Fashion retail in Australia and the UK. It is a research based look at what makes for a good E-commerce site and with that, a great customer experience. Points highlighted in the article include the below:

1. Payment Methods - 100% of Australian retailers studied had Afterpay. Obviously crucial for the shopping experience in this market….

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Create gift guides that inspire this holiday season

With the holiday shopping season now in full force, having a great Christmas gift guide can showcase your store’s products and make sure you stay front of mind while people rush to get those last minute gifts!

Gift guides have become increasingly popular, and are a relatively easy and cheap tool to implement so it’s important to make sure yours is thoughtfully curated and marketed to stand out from the rest.

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Average Order Value - Part Two: How to increase it?

In Part 1 of this blog, we talked about Average Order Values (Aov) and why they matter. That’s great, but now to what you really want to know… How do you increase your AoV?

To increase your average order value, you either want customers to add more items to their cart or add more expensive items. Below I’m going to provide you with three key ways to increase AOV.

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Average Order Value - Part one: What is it and why does it matter?

I recently went to a talk given by Dave Hughes of Briscoes and Dr Kathryn Hempstalk of TradeMe around data. What was incredible was not only the amount of data both companies have but how simply they use it. Dave Hughes gave a great model to determine budgets and forecast for revenue based on data - one key ingredient to the model was the Average Order Value (AoV).

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5 easily automated post- purchase emails you need to be sending NOW!

Post-Purchase Automation is one of the most important steps for better customer experience, repeat customers and therefore more sales. Building a relationship with customers is just as important as getting new customers and building a relationship with them. Post-purchase emails makes a customer feel like they are valued, and not just another number, a defining moment for your customers relationship with your brand.

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Important Pixel Update - what's it all about?

Not long ago Facebook sent out an email with an ‘Important Pixel Update’, we thought we’d pen a quick blog to clear up what this means! A few months ago, Firefox and Apple started to block third-party cookies (being the Facebook Pixel) from being placed on their devices. This update is a direct response from Facebook to enable their pixels to maintain their incredible power.

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Having a video content strategy is the key to online growth

The use of video content on social media is fast becoming a vital part of a fashion brands online strategy and has the potential to generate massive growth. Whilst some brands see social media as a way to enhance their customer experience, I think it is actually now the key to a successful business - a place where you can create a brand image, drive huge engagement and build a business across the globe.

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Instagram shopping hits New Zealand

Instagram shopping means that businesses can now tag products from their Facebook product catalog in organic Instagram posts, allowing users to click-through and purchase directly through Instagram - very similar to the Facebook feature released over a year ago.

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Why Facebook?

Through meetings and reading content online over the last couple of weeks, I thought I’d do another quick blog about why I’ve focused on Facebook as my tool for helping businesses grow! I believe Facebook is only just coming into its own. With over 2 billion users, and growing, I believe it will one day become our one-stop shop for most consumer needs

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Facebook Algorithm change - no need to panic it’s nothing new!

On the 11th of January, Mark Zuckerberg announced changes to the Facebook algorithm, which will prioritise connection amongst family, friends and groups, suggesting that you’ll see less public content from businesses, brands and media. Understandably, the announcement sent the business and Facebook community into a spin, wondering how the changes would affect them.

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