Create gift guides that inspire this holiday season

With the holiday shopping season now in full force, having a great Christmas gift guide can showcase your store’s products and make sure you stay front of mind while people rush to get those last minute gifts!

Gift guides have become increasingly popular, and are a relatively easy and cheap tool to implement so it’s important to make sure yours is thoughtfully curated and marketed to stand out from the rest.

Below are a couple of pointers to create a winning gift guide:

Look at your sales data and trends

Firstly, look at the backend of your website to determine which products are your top sellers and are within a price point that fits for gifts and include those in your gift guide. For example, have a “gifts” section on your website to showcase those products and then use that product catalog for your marketing.

You can also check out which keywords are searched for frequently on your website. If “gifts under $80,” or “gifts for girls” are regular search terms, that gives you a pretty decent indication of what your customers are after.

Shopper segments and categories

Building on the keywords search mentioned above, ideally your gift guides should contain products that will appeal to different shopper segments. If you can, generate your sales reports according to customer category.

If you’re able to segment your customers according to gender or age, then you can use that information to curate gift guides targeting each group of customers. If your intune with your target audience you’ll already know what sort of gifts they’ll be after.

Traditional customer segments are gender and price based e.g. “Gifts for her,” “Gifts under $100”, “Gifts for the home.” While these work well, try to make your segments and categories stand out from the rest. For example, Nordstrom categorises it’s gifts according to people’s personalities or roles like “The Tech Collector,” “The Traveler,” “The Fitness Fanatic,” etc.

Make it a fun team activity

While the statistics give you a reasonably clear idea of what’s popular on your site, gather a bit of qualitative data by getting each team member to hand pick their favourite gifts for a particular gift guide. If you’re in the fashion industry, using your designers and/or social media influencers to put together their favourite items for gifts can be a great way to provide more of a personal connection with your customers. E.g. Hannah’s top picks for Christmas presents for your mum.

Include bundles

We talked about the power of product bundles for increasing average order value last week, but you should also consider throwing in a few bundles or gift sets in here and there. It’ll give you the opportunity to showcase items that go together, while subtly upselling products at the same time.

Target not just your customers, but also those who would be giving your products as gifts
Make sure that your gift guide appeals to people outside your ideal clientele. Remember, your guides should also engage those who would be buying gifts for your target customer. For example, if you’re selling women’s jewellery, then the people who be buying your merchandise as gifts would likely include husbands and sons. To harness this, create gift guides that speak directly to those wider potential customers, e.g. “Gifts for Mum.”

Bear in mind, gift guides don’t only work for the Christmas shopping season - you can utilise these all year round with guides for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Husband’s birthday etc. If you need help putting together a gift guide, or if you’ve created a great gift guide and need help getting it seen this holiday season - get in touch here