Shopify and Mailchimp - What to do now?

Yesterday morning, Shopify users may have received an email from Shopify that Mailchimp and Shopify are no longer working together and the Mailchimp App will stop working from 12 May. In this email they detailed a few different workarounds, including getting another email provider, manually uploading customer details periodically or using a third party app to keep the integration.

We have done some research and believe the last option of using a third-party app is the best for a seamless transition process. The App that we recommend installing is the Shop Sync app because it integrates all existing MailChimp and Shopify functions and it's FREE!

We have provided detailed instructions on how to install the app below for your perusal. Once you have installed the app, we would continue to use the Mailchimp app for a few days before disestablishing it. Of course, you don't need to do this all for another month or so!

If you have been thinking about using a different email provider, this would be the time to look into this. If you're after a recommendation then Klaviyo is another great provider to look into!

Any Questions, please email us.

Connect ShopSync
You can use ShopSync to send your Shopify customer and order data to Mailchimp. Once you connect, you can create targeted campaigns,attract new customers, and access most of our key e-commerce features.

Install the ShopSync app in Shopify
To install the integration, you'll need to log in to your Mailchimp account from the ShopSync app page.

  • Log in to your Shopify store.
  • Click App Store.
  • Find the ShopSync listing and click “Add app”.
  • Click Install App.
  • Click Connect.

In the pop-up window, input your Mailchimp credentials and click Log In.

After you connect, select a list, choose your double opt-in settings, and map merge tags.

Click Start Sync.

That's it! ShopSync will start to sync your store information to Mailchimp. The time it takes to sync depends on account data and the number of orders in your store.