The E-Commerce sites to keep your eyes on

Below is an interesting article we read recently on Fashion retail in Australia and the UK. It is a research based look at what makes for a good E-commerce site and with that, a great customer experience. Points highlighted in the article include the below:

  • Payment Methods - 100% of Australian retailers studied had Afterpay. Obviously crucial for the shopping experience in this market.
  • Delivery Choice - only 40% of brands offered next day delivery - something that we think will become crucial in the E-commerce market over the next year.
  • Click-and-collect - All Australian retailers offered the service - something to keep an eye out on for Kiwi retailers.
  • Live chat - bots or not, this will become important this year, even if this is connected through Facebook Messenger, we think every brand should have some sort of option to chat.

There is a bit more in there, but have a read and let us know what you think! Link here