Who Is Digital EQ?

Tom & Ash
Tom (Digital Director) & Ash (Business Director)

We give our clients the freedom to do what they love - to be creative and to focus on what they’re good at. For us, it’s important we work with people and brands that we genuinely care about and are invested in as we operate as an extension of their internal marketing team - working with them, not for them. We do this by openly educating our clients, understanding their businesses and collaboratively executing plans to reach their goals.

As a strategic, numbers-driven digital consultancy, we use digital platforms to help grow consumer brands across fashion; lifestyle & beauty verticals.

We never set out to work in the fashion industry, in fact Tom wanted to work with every Super Rugby franchise possible, but with Tom’s marketing background and through a friend working there at the time, Digital EQ’s story began with Tom doing social media advertising for Yu Mei - who has been with us ever since. Within a few months of starting Digital EQ, Tom found himself working with some pretty cool NZ fashion brands and realised there was potential for us to become specialised in this space.

As a strategic, numbers-driven digital consultancy, we focus on developing and growing consumer brands using digital platforms across fashion; lifestyle; & beauty verticals.

Over the last two years, as our understanding of the industry has grown, we have developed our knowledge and expertise in order to give our clients what they need. This included bringing Tom’s partner Ash on board and expanding our small team here in Auckland. Through our proven results and unique approach to digital in the fashion and lifestyle space, we have grown organically with more amazing local and international brands joining us as clients, sharing our ambitions.

We love what we do because of the people and brands we work with. They challenge our thinking and inspire us to be constantly learning and evolving, both as a business, and as people. Our goal is to continue to do more of that. More learning, more challenging, more evolving with technology, and of course more honest and genuine relationships with our clients and community.