Why Gift Cards Are A Useful Product During The Lockdown

Gift cards can be sold digitally and don't require shipping.

Gift cards are a great way to inject instant cash flow into your business, by ensuring that the customer (or the recipient of the gift card) will return to purchase something from you at a later date, and most likely spend additional money on top of the gift card value. Often purchased as a last-minute present or for the person who has everything, gift cards are a great tool for E-Commerce brands to not only generate revenue but also introduce your brand to a new audience. The best part, particularly in the current climate, is that gift cards can be sent digitally via email so it's a contactless experience and the customer can use this when it best suits them, or forward it to the person they’re wanting to give it to. Through E-Commerce platforms such as Shopify, you can easily create gift cards and sell them online - right now, Shopify has made the gift cards feature free across all of their plans.

1. Make them noticeable
Since a gift card is just another product on your online store, make sure it’s getting the limelight it deserves during this time. Push your gift card product to the top of relevant collections and create enticing homepage banners or call out features to promote it. Make sure your gift card is easy to see, has guidelines on what they can be used for, as well as clear instructions on how to use them.

2. Paying it forward
Customers have an opportunity to support local businesses by purchasing gift cards for future events. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and other meaningful events are all to come, so ask your customers to support you during this difficult time by giving them the chance to get ahead of their gift purchasing. Ensure that your customers understand your situation and let them know how they can contribute.

3. Offer various amounts
Choice is ideal but so is simplicity. Make sure that customers can pick and choose what they’re comfortable with paying, be it $10 through to $1000 - and don’t feel the need to cover every nominal value. Bonus points if you can create a dedicated area where customers can type an exact value versus choosing one.

4. Band together
Bring the community together and offer customers joint deals with like-minded companies or other local businesses. For example, if someone purchases a gift card or item from a local business and shows proof - offer them a discount from your store. If you stock other brands, see if they’re willing to offer discounts on their product and even promote it on their channels.

While you’re staying at home during the lockdown period and your business is not able to operate as normal, providing gift cards to purchase is one way your customers can continue to support you during this difficult time.